pretty ladies and bikes makes for super pretty ladies

a quick hello and libbey and I start to talk about racing this weekend
not much time
everyone is almost late for work
none of us want to be late for work

I snap a shot
I turn between lola and libbey
quick goodbye to lola so I can head my direction and hit the stairs with libbey
libbey likes to rocket through the stairs in malcolm x park
it did not become such a popular part my morning commute until I started chasing libbey down these stairs

lola showed me some sign language
the other day I saw some kids doing some of these basic signs
it was pretty cool

lola on a geared bike?
I wanna see lola on a mountain bike
I bet lola would want to see lola on a mountain bike

I am not racing fairhill this weekend
not because it is not the fairhill race promoted by the trail spinners
because I am not racing this weekend
hope libbey gets out there
if not hopefully she gets out on some dirt

I am definitely riding some dirt this weekend
which reminds me
need to head over to weather dot com

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