rain today like the monsoon in bangkok

these photos are from last week
thought I would post them just the same

rain today like the monsoon in bangkok

no reason for a walk with the camera in the rain
the step down the block to grab some Pho got me so soaked that I needed to change my pants and shoes when I returned to the office
ah... the advantages of being a bicycle commuter
the spare change of clothes in the closet

no ride after work today either
in fact I rushed out of work early to grab my younger son grant
he had hit his head and had a little cut
no issue... but this is how they make the call in this day and age
I took the call

got home and checked on grant's eye
no need for stitches
just some neosporine and some tlc

I loaded the bike ontop of the Element and we drove out to drop off the Specialized Test Bike at City Bikes in Chevy Chase

on the drive out we marveled that the heavy flow of the water in Rock Creek Park
on the way back we parked and checked out the water from a foot bridge that goes over the creek

lisa walked the dog and cooked some dinner by the time we were home
after dinner dean did his homework then we met with a woman who is fostering a dog
we are considering adopting that dog
cut dog

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