random thoughts from random moments in santa cruz

tonight when putting the boys to bed I told them some random details from my five days in california

there was mention of the long flight and the changing of planes
california is far away

they did not get too many details of bonding with old college buddies
no mention of childish roasting and endless repeating of the same old jokes
there was a mention of friends and a wedding
I focused on the climate and the environment
the mountains and the sea
the size of the trees and the size of the waves
answering curious questions then moving to the next mental image

we spoke about the my friend's family in santa cruz that hosted our stay
in this I reminded dean that he had been to santa cruz and he had been to that house
when dean was grant's age

the talk of the amusement park had me measuring the boys with the tape measurer
then checking online to see what rides they are tall enough to ride at kennywood
the comparison to the amusement park at kennywood to the boardwalk at santa cruz is really no different than santa cruz being on the beach
roller coaster talk began
dean talked about roller coaster design
which had me explaining the premise of the roller coaster... momentum
not an engine like a car or a train
but a rolling vehicle
like pedaling up hill on a bicycle then just flowing
sort of like the Demonstration Forrest in Watsonville

I wanted to cruise the yard sales
the sunday flea market sounded attractive
but it was not an option to do it all

had some stellar burritos
but never made it back to Charlie Hong Kong's
had some delivery pizza that was definitely not dominos
we also had some dominos

there was some decadence
we ate well
we definitely at and drank well

my energy about each detail made dean want to go to california
grant got bored with the theatrics and grabbed his blanket and headed to hang with mommy
it was then that I got dean out of the top bunk to see some of the photos from the trip

part of getting out of bed was to get him to go to the bathroom before bed time
but it was also just that I wanted to hang with my son
five days away
that is some separation

after the red eye and a long trip from the baltimore airport to home I worked
got out a few minutes early with the aim to nap before getting mauled by the boys

I got home
did not have time to put my feet up or walk the dog and the baby sitter was home from picking them up from school
I sent her home and hung with my boys
questions were asked on the topic of what I could recall from their weekend
cell phone calls through out the weekend were not quite play by play
but I knew what they did where with who
questions need to be detailed...
yes or no questions get you a yes or a no

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