random thoughts from santa cruz

good food
good people
good times

did not get as many burritos as I had wanted
I think that my buddy snoopy (his adult friends call him kevin) did not mind that
as the cabin pressure from the flight caused some pressure release once I hit the ground
that release continued for a good part of the trip

three days of epic riding
five days of excessive drinking and excessive pleasure
managed to come back two pounds heavier
guess I ate harder than I rode

was stoked with the bikes and the information that I got from the folks at trail head cyclery in san jose
we warmed up our touch on the bike at wilder ranch
good to get a feel for a new bike on semi familiar trails without much technical
not to mention that our ride at wilder ranch was after a day of travel from the east coast to west coast
off the plane... into a rental car... off to the san jose bike shop... then directly to the santa cruz trails
which had me sketched out about my shit in my car while we rode
but no one messed with the magnum
no one messes with the magnum

our second day of riding took us to the El Corte Maderia trails
had a little written description of a solid loop
mixed it up a bit
did the first section twice before we took it to
the bottom
wanted to try and take the technical descent faster as it was a tad more familiar
got lost for a few minutes... which is to be expected
was stoked with the trails
was stoked with the ride
felt like I was a free rider in a film from the collective
except for the fact that I kept the tires on the ground
which means I felt like a rider from the collective
not to say I looked like a rider from the collective

we paused to refuel on tiger milk bars at the bottom and a took a few photos before our long climb back to the car
there are no trees like the redwoods where I come from
forgot to look for the banana slugs

that night we joined up with the men of the wedding party for a bonfire on the beach

it was super sweet
salmon and steak tacos
all the fixens
plenty of beer to wash down thing if the flavor got too hot

just a bunch of dudes hangin at the camp fire
telling stories
talking shit
stuffin their faces
and drinkin too much

officer friendly broke things up as we were still on the beach past ten pm

the keg and a few bottles got his heart rate up
the bachelor party on beach with a catered table with chaffing dishes and a table cloth brought things back to normal
that or the officer felt bad that we were having a bachelor party with nothing but bachelors

the third day of riding was even more hung over than the second
the first had some jet lag but not a body full of toxins
but lacked the pain that excessive pleasure can bring
day three we woke up late and hit the Demonstration Trails in Watsonville just outside of Santa Cruz

although we are far from free riders.... we still had fun on the west coast terrain
it was a serious roller coaster
we went around the kickers and the hits
we enjoyed the drops just the same
even if I did roll over things in a classic cross country style

great gathering of friends
both the bride and groom said I Do
no one fainted
no one failed to show up at the church
no one crashed and got injured on the trails
no one passed out into the fire

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Mark Davidson said...

I'm really glad that you enjoyed your stay in Santa Cruz. Great rides, beach bonfires... it sounds like you had the Santa Cruz experience.

Hope to see you at the LAB Bike Summit next year. I went last year but skipped out this year.