slow boat to china

slow boat to china...

weight loss is the slow boat to china

I am already seeing results
not keeping track
not going for averages
just trying to get it to go down
watching the weight slowly go down

after a long ride the other day I weighed less than I weigh right now

this beer and the snack that went with it does not help this boat move any faster

the morning weight in my boxers is definitely less than my weight the morning after I came home with the scale


Icon O. Classt said...

The morning "weight in my boxers"?...I think you're losing weight in the wrong place, ha!

gwadzilla said...

beer me bitch!

when we building bikes in the basement?

Icon O. Classt said...

Lemme know.

SOW, picked up an abandoned Motobecane Super Mirage, circa late 70s; plan to restore it or, if the parts are knackered, convert it to a fixed gear. It's a heavy-assed beaut, with highlighted lug edges and a head AND seatpost badge. Made in Frauhn-say, to boot!