some talk about the Xtracycle...

the trip to santa cruz was about gathering for an old buddy's wedding
which meant that there would be other old buddies at the wedding
got together with all sorts of old friends
while also making some new ones
corny... but true
the wedding brings more than just the bride and groom together
these events bring together family
these events extend the family
these events ignite the energy of friends among old friends

while out there I tried to connect with my old friend garrish
we spoke on the phone but could not factor in a meeting point
spoke with garrish after reading his blog post today

great post from garrish on the xtra cycle and the creation of the kona and the kona ute
our phone conversation covered the notion of board meetings and business
touching back on surly... reflecting on the greatness of the surly and my love for the karate monkey

cool puzzle at this site

i think I need to order that puzzle
i know that I need to order that kevin nierman piece

all the while listening to Bells of 11:11
funky small world... one of the best men at the wedding was from the dc area and grew up in my parent's neighborhood when I grew up
he knew some people I knew
the world goes that way
the more you leave the house
the smaller the world gets

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