spiderman tobey...
did not realize he was in the fear and loathing film

the trip to santa cruz was not decadent
while it was adventure packed

basic drunk in public
you know
stumbling home drunk a few blocks rather than driving drunk
walking the tracks to short cut the path to the boardwalk to ride the Great Dipper
getting busted up by the law while having a bon fire on the beach after ten pm
that sort of stuff

the full moon had that wonderful lost boys feel
the officer was kind to ignore the keg and the collection of glass bottles
the catered table of salmon and steak for fantastic taco creations
it must have been the table cloth

or it was that it felt bad that this was our concept of a bachelor party rather than a trip to Reno

we tore down
it was not with the snap of the finger
but it was torn down
the sheriff did not slow on his second pass
but on his first pass I felt like an underage drinker at a field party on a golf course

okay... not exactly fear and loathing in las vegas
but we did stuff some solid action into the five day trip

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