the T word

the t word

it scares me how I shy away from formal training

for some reason I dread the t word

training is like work
I just like to ride my bike
the t word
somehow I fear that training would take the fun out of riding
or maybe I am just lazy

yehuda moon


riderx said...

I could have written that exact post - except for the last line ;)

gwadzilla said...


you and your cohorts share a passion that is fueled by smiles

it is great to see people so motivated by themselves and pleasure

fast and fun

an odd mix

you guys keep it soulful!

sydney_b said...

It's a different kind of fun - at least for me. I enjoy challenging my body and when I'm racin' and I hear the ragged breathing of my competitors while I'm still breathin' easy and plotting attacks, well that's so much fun it makes every minute spent doing a little less fun during the work waaay worth it.


gwadzilla said...

racing I understand
it is the training part I do not get

gentlemen do not practice

racing for me is about going out hard
dying in final miles
wishing I had approached the event better prepared

rinse and repeat

a lifetime of bad habits


sydney_b said...

you've just emphasized one of the reasons I like the whole cycling thing.. there's a place for everybody and every style making the mix a little richer.

gwadzilla said...

today I got a copy of Cyclocross Magazine
am stoked to check it out
it looks super cool
like a cross racing dirt rag!
I am afraid I will like it

while looking at this wonderful glossy mag I talk with my wife and my two boys
I mention uncle marc
as the cover image is from the nationals at kc this past december
my brother missed the pile up
it is a fantastic shot


telling my six year old son dean that uncle marc is a better cyclist is a hard thing to say to a child


maybe my son is too young for reality

the other day my brother and I were talking
we were talking about the sport of mountain biking
and mountain biking is a lot like swimming
and the trail is a great deal like the neighborhood pool

some people come to do laps
others want to do dives off the board
some people will play dibble dabble
some will just stand around and splash
heck... there will be canon balls and competitions to see who can hold their breath the longest
it is great
everybody is free to express themselves how they choose

except for those that fail to get in the water

specwick said...

Are your rides after work not practice? It keeps you in race shape, even if just for fun. Ferrel and Bells would play with other people then there band mates, this was for fun, but it didn't hurt there craft. Gentlemen do practice, they sometimes just don't know they are doing that and improving. Practice is a must if this is ones craft, but we all can get in the pool and have fun.