those are some pretty cool shots

those are some pretty cool shots of steve...

met up with steve after work

steve got in contact with jimmy to order some of speedy's 44 hot sauce

while doing so steve also ordered some of jimmy's 44 hot sauce for me and some others

after the hand off of six bottles of hot sauce and a stylish t-shirt steve and I took a short ride to hains point

the congestion around the jefferson memorial due to the cherry blossoms was outrageous

headed out to hains point proper
did not see the old man of The Awakening did not see Chris McGill
thought I could snap a shot of chris doing sprints under the canopy of cherry blossoms
great backdrop

a beautiful backdrop
that backdrop will only be here till the next big rain

almost forgot to pay steve
then I realized how long it took me to pay jimmy so I figured that a trip to the bank machine had to be part of our ride

money changed hands and we went our separate ways

good photographs

there are others
but these are a good representation of the evening

got home to a burrito from chipolte
lisa and the boys brought me back a sweet burrito just the way I like it
right on time for some of the hot sauce from jimmy

speedy's hot sauce

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