those Urban Downhiller!

another article from seattle about the public mountain bike parks under the Interstate

washington dc has some heavily eroded sections of trails on the hillside that would be perfect for this sort of development
I am sure that the National Park Service would object to any proposal with an immediate RUBBER STAMP NO!
but honestly...
they need to start fixing stuff up

but I would settle for some development of legal trails at FORT DUPONT
and of course
a pump course at Fort Dupont

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Roman Holiday said...

Urban Parks - I'm always thinking about this. Take empty, unused space & convert it to a sk8board, BMX, b-ball, mt bike park, etc. Otherwise, it sits empty forever. And plus, this would people all sorts of people together. We need someone with lots of $$$ & power to get the ball rolling on the concept of "Urban Parks". May be Bono will take up the cause.