trails too wet for mountain biking?

are the trails too wet for mountain biking?
this is a question that we often ask ourselves the night/morning before planning a ride

it is known that mountain biking leaves a foot print...
all of our actions leave a footprint
everything we do has some sort of impact
it is a matter of being responsible about the foot print that we leave
as well as balancing our impact

there are some trail systems that drain better
than others
there are some trails that drain and will have a few trouble spots
there are some trails that do not drain at all

it is up to the mountain biker to ride responsibly
but honestly...
this responsibility is not just up to the mountain biker
the hikers, the runners, and the dog walkers need to also be aware of their personal responsibility

when the trails are super soggy it is unlikely that any mountain biker responsible or not will bother to go riding
when it is slipping, sliding, with clogging and crashing.. well... time would often be spent better doing other things
a little mud splatter is one thing
while snailing through deep mud, sliding wide on each turn, and crashing... well... it just is not that much fun

so on these days the mountain biker may ride on the road or stay home and watch the game
while the runners, hikers, and dog walkers stay the course and hit the trail
then what happens?

the runners, hikers, and dog walkers will skirt the trail
walking on the perimeter of the trail rather than the soggy center
and what does this do?
it widens the trail

this is another case of education and misinformation
so often the runners, hikers, and dog walkers attack the mountain biker with their pre-loaded arguments about the erosion caused by mountain bikes
well... they need to look in the mirror
because responsible riders will not ride when it is inappropriate or where it is inappropriate

mountain bikers will also try to balance the scale
working to build more sustainable trails
trails that can withstand use as well as withstand the changing seasons

what is my point?
still trying to get figure out myself

trying to get a few things down
I am certain that MORE and IMBA have some words on the Ethics and Responsibilities of the Mountain Biker
it is more than 20-20-20... but that is a start!



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