back from Lodi Farms... exhausted... sleep deprived and exhausted

back from the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms...
exhausted and sleep deprived
barking orders over my shoulder as I blog
the boys are wild
trying to get them to brush their teeth and get ready for bed

words on Lodi and images from Lodi later
right now I need to focus on getting the boys ready for
bed and rest and recover

great weekend
just as I anticipated

great competition
and great camaraderie
the weather could not have been better

there was some threat of rain
but the race occurred under starry skies

the bike and body held up pretty well
the bike did better than the body
thanks Joe Coleman of The Bike Lane for wrenching on my bike
appreciate it... the bike needed it!
and good to hang out
Gary... thanks for avoiding me with the camera

Phil Rice... thanks to for having your mom make me a bacon and egg sandwich before my final lap
and of course
thanks to TEAM FRED for a fantastic event

thanks to Team Fred and Greg and Phil and all others who volunteered!

and yes
the drive home was far more
difficult than an additional lap
I nearly fell asleep behind the wheel several times on the drive up Interstate 95 from Fredericksburg to Washington DC

some highlights...
the fixed geared freaks came out in full force
steve/iconoclasst was one of initial three registered fixed geared solo races
then the mutations began
single speed three men teams started to morph
their bikes morphed into fixed geared mountain bikes
their teams disbanded into solo efforts
rickyd and joeyp were involved in this psychotic mutation

the three man single speed category is usually huge at this event...
the event was small... so was this category
it was a three team race...
a very competitive race...
Jonathan from The Family Bike Shop captained the team to beat
Junior Tom 6 Days away from becoming an Eagle Scout (good job tom!) lead out
they went with back to back laps... Tom was the fourth finisher with my team's anchor Cargo Mike rolling in right behind him in fifth over all on the first lap
DCMTB fielded a several teams... the Men's Expert Squad was LICKIDY SPLIT QUICK!
not sure... but I think they were first overall at the end of the event

steve schwarz raced in the solo category
if my information is correct... steve was the overall leader at 10 laps!
steve you are a solo machine! great job out there!
way to go steady steve!
way to go enduro steve!

more on this later


Jim said...

Gwadz, great riding & chatting with you. Way to hammer it, big fella, and BTW thanks for your words of encouragement as I was hustling to try to fix my flat.

Dharma D said...

drive was brutal for me too, good thing my gas tank was low, I had to pull off, fill 'er up, and took the chance to drink a soda before carrying on.

couldn't agree more with everything you said. what a fantastic day and event, even if the laps did kick my ass =)

DCVelobella said...

More Please!! I did a true rest and recover week, then rode this weekend on the road. I feel the need to get a 29er. You guys are inspiring!

rickyd said...

Drive home from these endurance races are always tough. The only thing tougher than the Lodi drive back is the Big Bear drive :) I either need to teach Jo how to drive stick or sleep for a few hours afterward.

Icon O. Classt said...

Joel, good seeing you there, as always. Thanks for the pic.

Looking forward to your "real" write-up, and trying to get my own together as well.

What a great race course! The Monkey handled everything with aplomb and fixed off-road racing is a blast!

gwadzilla said...