bike on boris... bike on

it seems that boris' actions are under the microscope

boris ran a few red lights on his bike

who is boris?

I wonder if the car driving canidates are under the same scrutany?

I doubt it
for some reason they try to act like this behavior on the bicycle makes him a monster
boris may well be a monster
riding a bike does not change our political beliefs... but is should help mold them


Icon O. Classt said...

And, he sometimes rides without a helmet! Surely, behavior worthy of a little scaphism.

Pretty much unrelated, who knew Boris Karloff was ripped>

Fritz said...

That editorial is so ridiculous. As if cyclists running red lights is a major traffic safety problem.

gwadzilla said...

Boris Karloff... the Original Big Meat!

Jim said...

Boris would be classed as a moderate Democrat if he was a U.S. politician.