Dean at the Cathedral..

dean at the cathedral for the Lighting to Unite display
our trip across town kept dean up past his bed time
at first dean was asking to stay out till midnight
then dean was asking to go home
but dean... let me get one more shot
just one more shot
just one more perspective
it was cute
dean put his hand on my shoulder and said in a gentle tone
you have enough shots
it is time to go home now
wisdom from a six year old

if only dean and I had traveled across town on bike
the drive was insane
the effort to find a parking space... we could have walked in the time it took us to find an spot and then walk the distance which may be a third the distance from our house to the cathedral

too bad I could not find a setting on dean's camera for an extended exposure
jacked the ISO up to 400
but could not find a Starry Sky setting
my camera has several long open shutter settings
the settings on this camera are similar to the now broken Lumix with a camera body
had solid results at Haines Point at night
gwadzilla archive haines point

happy 100th birthday national cathedral

washington post mention of the lights
makes me wish I had made it to the front of the cathedral

(I am going to have to search the blogs for National Cathedral Lights to see what all these people were doing with their tripods!)


sugarlens said...

Really nice! Did you use a tripod for your pictures? The Cathedral itself was very sharp in both pictures.

gwadzilla said...

the tripod was very useful
even if I was using my sub 200 dollar point and shoot
it still made sense to use a tripod