I dig this idea
I need to dig into this deeper

I am curious what is being done and what they are trying to do
what do they see should happen in the future both immediate and long term
but honestly...
it is about time
this sort of thinking from our leaders is overdue


who knows... maybe I can start emailing them on various issues
I think DC could easily to be a more sustainable city
lets see what ideas are percolating as the idea of a greener DC comes to mind..

I know that it would not take much to try and get some green space back in the city
so many urban parks are brown and barren
all it would take is some soil and some time to bring it back
then I would like to see some attention given to the run off issue into rock creek park
there are two issues here
-the erosion caused by run off
-the toxins from the human population killing the life in the creek itself
and a few other issues...
let me see what rants I can remember...
-the National Park Service (which is federal) controls the car traffic in the mornings and afternoons
I am not certain but I think that they use flares in addition to the wooden horses
why do they use this obnoxious toxin? there is little clean up afterwards, I think the standard issue routine is to kick the metal stand and plastic base into the gutter
now where does the stuff in the gutter go?
that is right... into rock creek, then into the Potomac, and then into the bay
the Chesapeake Bay

I do not want to get onto some long environmental diatribe
I actually want to bring up a variety of bullet point ideas
but my train of thought has been derailed

let me try to bring up a few more things that need to be addressed
-recycling in the work place!
-start with DC government, make sure that all the DC agencies are recycling to the highest degree
-energy conservation; power down the buildings, power down everything possible; during augusst have a few flex days... just create a few mandatory closed offices creating three day weekends... the reality... dc sleeps through august... it is hot... things move slow... create two three day weekends and on those Mondays or Fridays in August they could conserve energy by not running lights, computers, and that mandatory AC!

-back on the issue of GREEN SPACE; it may sound ironic but I think that some parks would do well to be changed from grass to ASTRO TURF! the grass is just not a sustainable surface with the type of use and abuse that some of these parks get
the kickball and the soccer... and the soccer on the soft and rainy days
the pick up soccer is rain or shine
the pick up soccer takes no measure of the cleated foot prints
astro turf would resolve this issue
expensive up front
but the cost over a seven to ten year period for maintenance may be similar to the effort to plant and grow grass
and the grass is not growing so it is a flimsy/wasted effort each and every year
-weekend closure of various parts of the city
what would it do to traffic if georgetown closed to car traffic on the blocks surrounding Wisconsin and M Street?
would the merchants do more business? would people relax and intermingle more? cars could just use Whitehurst or whatever...

-there may be some cycling related stuff that comes to mind as well
but that is a given

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