greenbrier seems like decades ago...

greenbrier seems like decades ago
the finish was yesterday morning
that too seems like a memory

big bear is approaching
I need to start thinking more seriously about a squishy bike

squishy bike
squishy bike
squishy bike

thought if I said it three times one may appear

this photo from greenbrier was taken by brian from hagerstown
he took some nice shots
beyond that... he mailed me a disc!
thanks brian!


gmr2048 said...

It may not be appearing forever, but if you're interested, I have an XL Fisher Sugar 2+ Disk that you're welcome to borrow for the Big Bear race. It's FS and FG (full-geared). The size should fit ya. Let me know! (gmr2048~at~yahoo~dot~com).


gwadzilla said...


I will consider it
I may be trying to buy something
and well
if I am going to buy it
I may want to buy it sooner than not at all
each long rock race will ask for more than my geared Surly Karate Monkey has to offer
original rear wheel... well worn braking surface

that bike is heavy and tired... like me