lights at the national cathedral

lights at the national cathedral
this is one of the shots taken by my six year old son dean
not sure which was my favorite set of lights cast upon the cathedral
perhaps one of the displays with stars
I am a sucker for stars
this light show reminded me of a group house party at my place on Irving Street
some random guy showed up and offered to do his light thing
it was pretty much this
but on the people at the party rather than the exterior of the cathedral
scale... things are impressive at increased magnitude
the elephant... the giraffe... the gwadzilla

just seeing if you were still listening
almost drifted off into a rant on the Bread and Puppet Festival in Vermont
that party... that house... those times...
seems like a lifetime ago
seems like someone else's life
that was a life before kids

glad I caught the light show at the cathedral last night
looks like night three may get rained out
raining now pretty steady
most definitely raining out my notion to ride up there for a few more night shots with extended exposures
would have liked to get a different angle/perspective
not so much that I need to get wet on the bike
already got wet on the bike today

dc is an interesting place
a very expensive place to live
a place that always has awesome inexpensive entertainment
the summer is a great time to live in dc
that is except for the heat, the humidity, and the mosquitoes

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