maybe not the right photo...

maybe not the right photo...
maybe a shot of running with the bulls would be a better shot to get my thought across
but... this shot will have to do
in this shot I would be the victim... the bull
in a shot of the running with the bull... I would then be the human character

rode this morning
there was not much time
so I tried to squeeze in a quick ride
as there was not time for much more

grabbed the jamis cyclocross bike
still rocking the knobbies
that is just how I roll
had to slow my step out the door put some air in the tires
got on the bike stoked to be on the bike

Monday and Tuesday did not involve much exercise to speak of
actually Tuesaday I was was home sick... allergies? either way the day did not involve more than a walk with the dog in the am then running around with the kids in the pm

so today I was stoked to get some time on the bike
even if my ride would be short
one problem... I did not have any time
I got on my bike and headed north on Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park
without a real training plan I ride how I feel
today I felt like attacking
sure it was the first time on the bike after 4 laps at Lodi farms in a 12 hour relay race where each second is about attacking
but... I still felt like attacking

the attack started at the top of the hill by my house
had to juke the line of cars with a quick up the curb and down the handicap ramp to get ahead in the queue
then I rode to the exterior of the bike lane down Park Road
cars passed fast and close only to get bogged up at the light at the base of the hill
there was just enough space on the right hand side of the cars to sneak through
no turn signaling people going right and the hand position on the steering wheel of the driver on the first car did not appear to be taking a right
the light turned green two seconds before I hit the intersection
no cars coming from the left
I made a sweeping right hand turn and started my attack
fighting to get a quick ride before I had to get to work

cyclocross is about attacking
in cyclocross races the racers try to approach each section of the course as fast as they can
no resting in cyclocross
each section test the riders ability to work at their maximum threshold
on this day I attacked the road in this same way

cars passed fast and close
with no speedometer I was not sure of my speed
my speed was not certain... but I am certain that the speed limit on this stretch of road is 25MPH
the cars that were passing me obnoxiously fast and obnoxiously close were going faster than 25MPH
even if I were snailing along... I would still be within the limits of the law
but I was not snailing... I was hammering... not pro bike racer hammering... but hammering for me
my guess I was traveling somewhere around 20 miles per hour on the flats, more on the slight downhills, and slower on the climbs
there was some wind at my face
but I was attacking

do the tailgating drivers factor in my level of effort? the grade of the road? the resistance caused by the wind? how about my knobbies? can they not see that I am fast for a CLYDESDALE!?!??!

there were some people who passed with respect
but the majority of the cars passed fast and close
a number of the drivers on cell phones
more focused on their electronic conversation than the world around them
the world around them which included a cyclist inches from their bumper
a few of the drivers re-entered the lane in front of me cutting things close
either being obnoxious trying to teach me a lesson or just unaware of how close they are to my front wheel
either way... the actions of these drivers fueled me
anger fuels me
competition fuels me
hatred fuels me
I gave into my anger
I attacked

my heart raced
I attacked
the cars sped away... my pounding legs could not keep pace with their pounding cylinders

when I got to the junction of Beach Drive and East West Highway I noticed that the road was closed ahead
unsure if I could sneak my way through to the Capital Crescent Trail I went ahead and looped back

out of the saddle in the big ring I mashed the pedals trying to regain pace
a car passed close marking the 50th time that I called someone a c_nt
not yelling and screaming... just mouthed to myself
then an oncoming car went to pass a cyclist on the other side of the road
breaking the double yellow line heading straight form me
I had to pull over closer to the shoulder
they got the bird
it was discrete
if they saw me... they saw the bird
I am not sure they saw me... I must be invisible

only the third driver to get the bird
I feared that they may turn around

again... fueled by my anger I attacked
thinking if this person chased me down I could maybe lure them to the Park Police Station
but... I tried this before
and well... the Park Police did not take my side
even if this car nearly causing the head on collision was driving wrecklessly
the police would still favor the car driver
three infractions all at once
and I would be in the wrong because I flipped them off
-breaking the double yellow line
-failure to yield to oncoming traffic
logic would say that such actions should suspend a driver's right to drive
but no... such actions are everyday
there is no penalty for these things
it is the jay walkers and the bicyclist rolling through stop signs that are the menaces
soccer moms have an agenda!
corporate dads have things to do!
their driving behavior is justifiable...
that Blackberry message is more important that the human life... especially if that human life choses to travel in any way other than by car or truck!

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gmr2048 said...

I swear, this is my take on what should become of asshole drivers. maybe the rest would learn after they saw a few getting cut off of parking meters on the evening news. I'm going to get this tattooed on me somewhere one of these days soon.