not the best indoor toy...

not the best indoor toy
more a detriment to itself than anything else
the flight is always cut short by the ceiling or a wall
but... the weather did not allow for the outside option

last night grant and I ran an errand
to get the wooden planes grant asked with wide eyes of anticipation
yes... to get the balsa wood planes I responded

unsure of the local Target would have things
and sure that I did not want to walk that urban mile in the rain
grant and I got in the car and drove to Bruce's Variety... the Five and Dime that I grew up around
it was some good one on one time
Grant and I made the trip while Dean and mom worked on the science project
that same science project where Dean and I had used Scientific Method to establish what would happen if we over inflated a bicycle inner tube
the project was done... the images were printed... dean had written down his Hypothesis/Procedure/Results/and Conclusion
all that had to be done was mount this stuff on the free standing poster board thing I had assembled

Bruce's was low on balsa wood planes
but they had a variety of Styrofoam planes that looked very similar
curious of the alternative technology I loaded up

the styrofoam planes were a little more time consuming with the assembly
there was the need for this sulafane thin tape in various spots
the tape was a hassle
but the styrofoam seems to be more durable than the balsa wood

the boys were estatic
grant got a plane with a rubber band and a propeller
while dean got two gliders
they played with their planes until they went to bed
they played with their planes when they woke up

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