like some sort of absurd game show
it would make for a good reality tv show
almost as fun to watch as the wedding dress warehouse sale day

the urban eviction is like a sidewalk sale where you pay with a credit card that never sends you the bill
it is a very interesting scene with it own set of rules

it is sort of a first come first serve sort of thing
with a clause of I saw it first

it is hard to understand what is right and what is wrong in this situation
is this stuff on the sidewalk up for grabs?
the people flee the scene with that wide chesser cat that ate the canary sort of smile

within 24 hours I was victim of some similar gray area crime

I was in my back alley cleaning out my garage
most everything was taken out of the interior and on the exterior in the alley
while sweeping the dust was such that I started to gag and cough
I stepped out of the dust cloud and into the alley to regain composure
no longer coughing but still suffering from a throat filled with toxic dust I ran inside to get a glass of water
I returned to the garage and got to work again
at a glance I noticed a box of stuff was gone
that box was filled with some food that had been stored since before I lived in this house
the sell by/expiration dates were over a a half a decade old
there were also an assortment of baseball caps I had not seen in an actual decade time
one read CU, another from Breckenridge, as well as one with the Blair name from that short stint where I worked for Bob Blair at the Blair Compound in Poollesville Maryland
it worried me some that this seven year old jar of spaghetti sauce may get these people sick
but... perhaps that would be karma
the funny thing will be to see some person walking down the street wearing one of my baseball caps
there were maybe a dozen baseball caps
and the Chef Boy Ardee... I am not sure if they should eat that stuff even if the sell by date is good

I always thought it would be interesting to have a hidden camera on a box marked FREE BOOKS
maybe run the same test in different places but with the same books
wait to see what sort of people approach the box of books
what sort of investigation occurs and who takes what
look for the movie in a theater near you!

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