still traveling on that slow boat to china...

I am still traveling on that slow boat to china...
it is slow
I feel as if I am making progress
actually... I am quite pleased with my progress
as slow as that progress may be

last month for SPOKES magazine I wrote an article about weight loss... yes... CLYDESDALES need to watch their weight too!
I consulted some friends for the article
but the consultations were not just for the article
I was looking for advice on how I could lose weight

and well...
it is true.... it is as simple as PORTION CONTROL and slight modification of WHAT I EAT....
not so much removal as it is moderation
less soda... more water
less gatorade/energy drinks... more water
more salads... less of the main course
and again... quantity control...
a whole pizza is not a good idea
a half gallon is a bad idea even if it is a half gallon and not a whole gallon

when I wrote this article for SPOKES magazine I bought a scale
at that point I was over 230 pounds
now I am just bellow 225
sure it does not sound like much
but it is a step in the right direction

that article for SPOKES magazine is available now at gyms and bicycle shops in the Mid Atlantic
next month's article is about THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE MOUNTAIN BIKER
about trail duties and respect

star ferry

suzi wong club
(not sure what it is... may be dangerous)

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