that diminutive window of opportunity

this afternoon lisa opted to take the boy's to dean's baseball practice
dean did not want to go
but dean needed to get out of the house
this was a father knows best moment
I told dean why I thought he should go
he agreed and went

this looked like a good opportunity for me to go for a ride

I suited up and got ready to ride
a small window of opportunity
yet an opportunity to ride just the same
before I left out the door I called cargo mike to see if he was available for a quick spin
always good to ride with someone faster to try and get stronger
plus... cargo mike is good company
cargo mike was not available for my are you ready to ride now request
I hung up the phone and headed out the door
it was raining
I walked back into the house

considered shelling it all and taking the dog for a hike instead of a ride
even took off my helmet, gloves, and vest
but... it did not seem to be raining hard and I was already dressed to ride
so without grabbing any rain specific gear I headed out the door with the bike

the rain was slight then it stopped
the canopy of trees is so thick over beach drive that road was not entirely soaked
in fact more of the road was dry than wet
I questioned if things were going to be dangerously slick in spots
or if there would be any unanticipated slippery spots on the turns
I let this thought dictate my intensity
I decided to ride in the smaller of the two rings on my Jamis cross bike
refusing me the half step into the big ring
what was my logic?
part was due to the threat of crashing and some thought went to the notion of how my body felt
I really do not know enough about training to give any reasoning

it was just what I opted to do
it just seemed to make sense because of the fatigue I still felt from last week's 12 Hours of Lodi Farms
I was listening to my body
although I wanted to sprint
there was still the feeling of fatigue deep inside my legs

the ride was uneventful...
it is good when things are without drama
especially when riding in the rain
who wants drama on the bike in the rain?
there were no crashes... there were no near crashes
there was nothing that got my heart rate up other than the spinning of the cranks
just a quick out and back
an hour thirty on the bike
maybe an hour twenty of pedaling due to red lights and stop signs

got back before the real rain started
it was not an epic on the bike
but it was better than no time on the bike
after all
life is cumulative
it felt good to be out on the bike
I felt good on the bike
wish it had been longer
was pleased it happened at all

it is still raining now
biblical proportions!
which will keep me from heading down The National Cathedral for the Lighting to Unite display

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