2008 Big Bear Results

2008 24 Hours of Big Bear Results Are Up!
actually... with LIVE COVERAGE the Results have been up since they happened


my squad DCMTB-Continum Solar placed 13th overall and second in Men's Vet
the race did not pass without some drama
chris, kent, my brother marc, and I each did four laps
just me
my last lap numbers do not factor in that I was late for the passing of the baton
eight minutes late for the passing of the baton
it is true
I have a poor track record for the passing of the baton

lisa came out with the boys for one night of camping and two days of chasing the boys around the campground
dean and grant had a blast
sleeping in a tent, playing under supervision around the fire, and a little kid's bicycle race
all of this fun in the mountains
the mountains were hot... but the city was hotter

the DCMTB squad had a strong showing
three teams camped together while a few other members raced with other random teams
Team Captain MattyD was KING FOR THE DAY with some sick lap times
while the team he raced with had a a series of mountain bike relay team errors
a cluster of issues in once race
which was in stark contrast to catastrophe free 24 Hour Series Victory!


Icon O. Classt said...

Eight minutes!?!? We'd fired your ass on the spot! ;)

Good seeing you out there, man.

gwadzilla said...


my being fired was certainly an option
but only after I finished my lap

good seeing you
good being out there

I look forward to your report