The Car Commuter Challenge!

The Car Commuter Challenge!

the way that people drive is absurd
they sacrifice safety for high speed
never realizing it is efficiency that makes for fast arrival times
not erratic maximum speeds with panic stops

people need to factor in the WORST CASE SCENARIO
people need to weigh the Benefits Versus the Costs

here is The Car Commuter

Mr. or Mrs. Car Driver time yourself going to work for the next three weeks

on WEEK ONE drive as you would normally
do all the obnoxious and aggressive things that you would do normally

but try not to kill anyone
time yourself door to door
be sure that you start and stop the clock at the same time each day
to make things more easy use the car clock and time things from start of engine to stop of engine
mark this information on a pad of paper stored in the car

do this each day of the week

drive the speed limit

the general rule is the speed limit is 25 MPH on roads unless marked otherwise
I know... this seems a tad absurd
and well... it may be difficult

it will feel very unnatural
your actions may anger the cars around you
but this is a test... you are doing this in the name of science

time yourself with
the same method as the week before
watch the speedometer
if you do not know which dial on the dashboard measures speed check your owner's manual
you will need to
differentiate between the tachometer and the speedometer to get an accurate measure

drive a rational speed!
avoid gunning it from the start
try not to open it up
try to put the NASCAR fantasy out of your head
you are not Lightning McQueen

again watch the speedometer
in the city and in residential areas never exceed 35MPH...
drive down residential streets how you wish people to drive past your house
yield to pedestrians with the same respect that you would like car drivers to grant you when you are on foot
anticipate the world around you
make safe and courteous passes
decrease speed when approaching people outside of their cars

know where pedestrians gather

know where the bike path crosses the street
know where there are schools and daycare centers where families will be trying to cross the street
each day time the trip from start of engine to stop of engine

breathe easy as you check your results

at the end of The Car Commute Challenge average your numbers and compare your results
the differences are more than likely going to be negligible
witness that you felt better on the days you drove with less haste

there is the chance that you saved a few minutes by rushing blindly through that yellow light and dangerously pushing the red
but... is that time saved really worth it
the potential accident
the crashed car or the lost life... is it really worth it?

I own a car... I drive it
there are times when I have to squeeze in dropping the kids off at school along with walking the dog and then getting to work on time

it takes a conscious effort to drive in a civilized fashion
but it is possible
we are human beings... allegedly we are civilized animals

I bet you will arrive at your destination feeling
better if you do not get caught up in all the road rage
slowing things down... breathing... acting in a courteous manner

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b1umb0y said...

The test you have outlined would be a real eye-opener for most folks. I think most people mistake small time segments of high speed for some sort of high average speed.

I commute to work/school most days year round. I was quite amazed that for a 12 mile one-way commute, I am ten minutes slower on my bike as opposed to the car. The interesting thing is that the car route is shorter and less encumbered by traffic lights. Go figure.