a comment made me realize....

a comment on a previous post made me realize something...
I thought about what Icon O Classt had said about the Serfas Optics being a sponsor of the Single Speed Off-road Factory Team

I thought... DCMTB is sponsored not just by Serfas Optics but also Serfas Products
which is one of the key reasons I have gotten to experience such a wide variety of Serfas products each year for several years

Serfas has given the DCMTB a number of sunglasses... and not just three pairs... but enough for everyone on the DCMTB Squad
then there are the Serfas Products which include pumps... pumps... and more pumps and all sorts of other stuff
including multi-tools Serfas replacement brake pads...
the Serfas goodness never stops coming!

the list of hook ups from Serfas is too long to ramble on about
there stuff is awesome
they are awesome for hooking us up
but we do not use this stuff because it is free
we use this stuff because it is awesome
we need this stuff and this stuff does the job!
the products work and work well for our needs

the brake pads with the Serfas name are SWEET!
the pump that I depend on for racing is Serfas Pump just as the larger mini pump that I use for commuting
okay.... I have two seat packs always on two different bikes already packed with tube, pump, and multi-tool one has a Serfas multi-tool and a Serfas mini pump/Serfas CO2 cartridge while the other one has a Crank Brothers mini pump and a Crank Brothers multi-tool...
not sure of the CO2 manufacturer... maybe Planet Bike maybe not either way...
when I reach for the Serfas product I know it will be a solid tool that will handle the task at hand

my floor pump may not be a Serfas.... but when this floor pump breaks.... and with two small boys always lending a hand on the basic repairs... it will break.... Serfas may well be the pump of choice
as I believe in the Serfas product
not to say I will leave the shop without a pump if they do not sell Serfas but if I am in the shop and I like the features and the price of the Serfas floor pump... then I would buy it as I know that quality of the product

and the sunglasses...
the sunglasses from Serfas Optical are highly functional and very cool
they have a variety of frames some more fashionable while others were more sleek and race ready
I have worn/ridden with a few varieties all with inter changeable lenses
I feel race ready this current set of glasses are so light that they can hardly be felt on my face
new glasses with interchangable lenses right on time for big bear
I will more than likely ride with amber for both the first day lap and my last day lap
while swapping out to clear lenses for my two night laps in the middle
they feel like they will breath well
lets see if they fog up in the night

Serfas is just one of the many sponsors of
here is a list of some of our sponsors for 2008


Icon O. Classt said...

Close, Gwadzi, but it's Single Speed Outlaw Factory Team.

See you at Big Bear--I'll be the slow guy with his face set in a rictus of pain and bewilderment as he haplessly, unskillfully, tries to negotiate the course on a fixed gear. Oofah!

gwadzilla said...

that is why I hire you


it is tough to type and think at the same time
especially when I am not that good at either

see you this weekend!

riderx said...

Man, you are such a ho! ;)

Love the Serfas glasses, they are a great value compared to others with interchangeable lenses and cost a lot less.

Sponsors are no good if their products are junk. A good rule of thumb: The best sponsors have products that you would be willing to pay full retail for.

See you at Big Bear.

gwadzilla said...