a few random things...

next month's Spokes magazine has a big piece on the 24 Hours of Big Bear
the article centers around the battle to win the solo class
or better yet
the battle by tinker to show dominance in the solo class at big bear

but that was weeks ago
tinker is not thinking about big bear
tinker is racing the bc stage race

I think that the article in Spokes magazine would have been more attractive with some images
not sure why there was not this shot of tinker
or one of the other solo opponents
or one of the photos of the guys launching the line to the right a mile three on lap one
any one of these photos would have flattered things
it was offered

tinker's blog
bc stage race
some of those gwadzilla shots worth scolling through
an air shot... a beautiful shot and some sad words

too bad Spokes magazine does not have a web presence

there was a great article in Spokes about Jeff Schalk
last year Chris Eatough and Jeff Schalk won this BC Stage Race
I am sure that they are going to try and repeat things
after three days the Trek Boys have climbed to the top!

to bring tangents full circle...

jason berry is racing the bc stage race with his buddy Poz
it was jason berry and his buddies at gripped films that created that mountain bike classic 24 Solo that followed Chris Eatough with the camera
jason berry blog
24 Solo
this is a fun shot from the blog

there were other great photos from the 24 Hours of Big Bear
this is a classic shot from last year's 24 hours of big bear

with the Olympics approaching I am curious if Gripped Films will be doing any filming
sure the Off Road to Athens film chronicled a year's approach
but the events themselves are a million stories
every race is a story
that event will be many races and many stories

off road to athens

enough on that tangent.


gwadzilla said...

pull your face away from the computer screen to see that there is a bumble bee in the second photo of Tinker

it is almost a MAGIC EYE image

Icon O. Classt said...

Not a bumble bee. Not even a bee, but more than likely a hoverfly, perhaps a helophilus pendulus.

Just sayin...

gwadzilla said...


i knew when I typed BUMBLE BEE that i would get some sort of correction

as a father I should be more specific

small fish are not "cute little baby fish"

gorillas are not monkeys

so on
and so forth

but the washington monument is a rocket ship for the president to escape when the world is about to blow up
that much I have assured my children is true

Icon O. Classt said...

Oops, correct link here.

Ah, but with no world below, where does the prez go?