Granny Gear has the photos up from the 2008 24 Hours of Big Bear

Granny Gear has the Photos up from the 2008 24 Hours of Big Bear
that is me rocking the Specialized Test Bike that I borrowed from City Bikes for the race weekend
thanks City Bikes!

Chris Clarke trying to hydrate

my brother Marc knocking out another fast consistent lap

me again... always got to bring it back to me


and Kent!

that would be the Men's Vet team that I raced with at the 2008 24 Hours of Big Bear
Me, Chris Clarke, my brother Marc Gwadz, and Kent Baake
we finished second in the Men's Vet Category and 13th overall!

scroll down for more images and more words
and go to the images page for other racers

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darren said...

City Bikes demo bike program details... http://citybikes.com/page.cfm?pageID=257

thanks for the thanks, sorry for the shameless plug. Oh, we have a blog too.