the hazards of the multiuse trail

just like life on the road with the cars
life on the multi-use trail can involve chaos
chaos that in the worst case scenario can involve danger

just as car drivers can be foolish/careless/ignorant/aggressive so can the users of the multi-use trail
we all need to see our contribution into the madness
the bicycle should not be the bully of the trail in the same way that the car driver is the bully on the road

head phones?
a bad idea on the crowded multi-use trail
a bad idea for riders, runners, hikers etc
bad idea... very bad idea

dogs much like children should be guided and guarded
although children do not need to be on a leash
dogs must be on a leash... a lead over six feet long does not count
that dog must be controlled
for the sake of the dog and other trail users

children should be instructed on proper trail behavior
then reminded and then reminded again
the parent should be the eyes and ears of their child
teaching them to anticipate and respect other trail users
protecting them from danger
educating on how to behave
sadly... the drivers of today are in no position to teach anyone how to behave
hopefully the trail users are better at setting an example for their children

look before you button hook!

stop and hang out off the trail NOT ON THE TRAIL!


cyclists please pass with others with concern for their right to safety!
decrease your speed when passing the unpredictable
anticipate what is ahead!
when passing use common sense!
do not draft!
definitely do not draft off a stranger
in a race this close following is called drafting
on the multiuse path this close following is called tailgating
it is unsafe
stop it now
there is no crown for the KING OF THE CAPITAL CRESCENT TRAIL

two abreast? three abreast?
during high volume parts of the day
this is a bad idea
stay to the right unless you are trying to pass

always assume that there is going to be an obstacle around that blind curve
adjust your speed to the SIGHT LINE!

there is much more on this..


Cycle Jerk said...

The worst for me are the walkers who think they are on a road and keep to the left side of the trail. It's a path not a road. You are in the oncoming lane people!

GhostRider said...

My worst was encounters with horses on the Washington and Old Dominion Trail (on the Fairfax County side of thing). I was run off the trail twice by horseriders, one time resulting in an irreversibly taco-ed wheel. Walking back to Vienna was NOT fun.