I hear they are freakishly fast...

I hear that they are freakishly fast...

or are they just freaky?
fast... but not uber pro cyborg fast
still not sure about freaky
not fair to judge a person by their facial hair

fuzzy john




I do not know any more
you know all that I know
links will tell more

I bop back and forth trying to catch up and figure out the action
looks like one or both of them are headed to the BC Race

listening to alice in chains right now
it is not like I pulled an old dusty cd out of a moldy box
alice in chains is still going through my rotation
but this unplugged stuff is not in my disc collection

alice in chains on youtube
not sure if nutshell is on this page
but that is what I am listening to

it appears that alice in chains is still a band
but I am not sure if alice in chains is alice in chains without layne staley
layne staley on the wiki page
if layne staley were still alive he would be one day older than me

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crs said...

Raced and had a beer with both at the Mohican100. Cool guys and probably pro fast too they just like the SS.