may try to ride before the rain...

may try to ride before the afternoon rain...

the boys are down the block
last night at the alley party one of the kids from down the block pulled out his brand new just purchased guitar
a sweet little mini Fender electric guitar with a little fender amp

the buzz started there
then there was talk about froming a band and hosting a band practice
the parents had to guide this production away from the evening towards the following morning

the boys woke this morning and dressed themselves
I had the boys check to see these plans were still on the docket
sure enough... all systems were go
african drums were lugged down the block into the friend's basement
harmonicas and moracas were also brought along

when I checked in on the jam session I saw that my acoustic guitar made it down the block as well

I think I will check on the kids

if all is cool I may step out for a ride

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