not sure if anyone really cares any more... but here is some information on the eve of the release of the Landis Doping Appeal case

from Arnie Baker-
I am writing to you either because you have already written to me, or you have otherwise expressed an interest in the Floyd Landis doping case.

As you may know, I wrote a book about the science concerning the Landis Tour de France doping case last year.I showed, in roughly 60 scientific arguments, how the LNDD laboratory was sloppy and failed to meet basic scientific standards.
I showed how the LNDD laboratory never even identified testosterone in Floyd’s urine according to minimum, established WADA standards.

The CAS hearing has provided new, relevant, and significant information
I have just released the second edition of The Wiki Defense.

You can download it at no charge from:


There are more than 100 new pages. The book is now about 440 pages.

Here’s a synopsis of my opinions:

They Lied

· There is evidence of scientific misconduct/malfeasance.

· Vanishing acts: Records have disappeared.

· Magical appearances: Documents appear to have been fabricated.

· False statements: USADA, its experts, and the lab appear to have repeatedly made false statements.

My opinion and belief is based on more than two dozen apparently fraudulent/fabricated documents and frankly-false statements.

I document the evidence, comparing the at-issue LNDD/USADA statement or document side-by-side with the proof of fraud, false, or self-contradictory statement.

They Botched the Test in the First Place

The report is so full of errors that other conclusions are impossible. Among dozens of examples:

· Sample numbers are wrong.

· The chain of custody is flawed.

· Quality control standards failed, and the failures were ignored.

· Files have been overwritten/erased.

They Never Even Identified Testosterone Properly

Two types of tests performed: The T/E (testosterone/epitestosterone) ratio test and the IRMS test.

· Testosterone peaks were not identified according to minimum standards in the T/E ratio test. The AAA panel threw out this test.

· Since the AAA hearing, the lab has admitted that it no Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or validation study for peak identification in the IRMS test.

My involvement has been pro bono. The book is free. The source documents are also available on my website.
There are more than 700 references, 200 figures, and 50 tables in the book.
Again, you can download the book at no charge from:


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