PRI had me thinking of NPR

PRI has me thinking of NPR

the mention of the television version of This American Life is risky
I am certain that there are radio purists that do not see the need for the image/visual version of This American Life
as the radio/audio version is already so full of imagry
but... I like it just the same
the episode with Johnny Depp's narraration was moving and thought provoking
hearing it would not have been as gripping as seeing it

NPR: All Things Considered
Kerry Litka: Small things Considered

Stuff White People Like

my effort to google images got me this collection
google is fun


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KMAX said...

I went to see a live telecast of Ira at the Ballston theater and it was great. It was basically a sort of promotion for his TV series and seeing the video footage really made a huge difference in my perceptions of some of the stories. I love the Saturday radio shows. I wish I had cable and could watch the tv shows as well.