Ride Like a Girl Clincs!


Hillary Elgert of DCMTB-City Bikes is hosting THREE Mountain Bike Clinics!

Hillary will be leading a RIDE LIKE A GIRL DH ride in the Frederick watershed on Saturday, 6/28 at 10:am.
Meet at the old radio tower on Gambrill Park Rd, about half a mile before Hamburg Rd. A full suspension bike is recommended, and City Bikes has some Demos available if needed.

The terrain is not too steep, just mostly downhill. We'll meet up and shuttle the trails in this area for a few hours.

Also on the docket... A clinic at the berms at Wakefield! I thought this would be fun. I love going there to ride them, and always see others giving them a shot, but not really taping into the full fun potential. It's the ultimate roller coaster, and great practice for cornering. This is a co-ed clinic. 7/23 at 6:30

At WISP RESORT JULY 12th, 2008


Mrs. Outlaw said...

Thanks for posting up about Hillary's RLAG ride. Hope to have a good turn-out!

gwadzilla said...


and good to see you at big bear
did you see the shot of us in the tent?

hold on
that did not come out right

Mrs. Outlaw said...

It was good to see you too. It took me a few days to decide that I'd had fun and signed on with the same gals to race SS again next year.

Yes, I saw the shot. Ricky's caption of the pic made me laugh!