rolling to work down mount pleasant street

rolling to work down mount pleasant street
rolling past the boarded up and close mount pleasant market

this location may have been the payless shoe source before
and the churches fried chicken before that
the churches fried chicken was burned down during the mount pleasant riots
it may have been a grease fire that had nothing to do with the rioting on the street

I wonder what will go there next

it seems to me that the neighborhood control over liquor licenses and other such business efforts cut down the growth as things were starting to blossom
an effort to prevent mount pleasant from becoming the next adams morgan ended up allowing columbia heights and other sections of the city act as the location for someone to fulfill their dream of opening the perfect restaurant or the perfect bar

the raven is fine...
but columbia heights has so much more

(okay... I love Dos Gringos, Don Juans, Pollo Sobroso, and even Chinatown is close to my heart, and so many of the other Mount Pleasant eating establishments get my dollar... but I wish there was a nicer resturant than Tonic or Radius... which are both fine for a night with the kids or out getting a beer)

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