Serfas Products...

Serfas Products...
in my many years of cycling I have used a wide variety of products
some designs better thought out than others

biopace crank sets?
U-brake on the chain stay?
what were the designers thinking during that era?!?!?

also the design of bicycle accessories have raised some eyebrows...
mini-pumps that do not fill the tire
or mini-tool that lack the ability to tork things as need be
water bottles that leak...
we have all had our moment of frustration when a product lets us down

this week I needed some new glasses and got some sweet glasses from Serfas Optics with interchangeable lenes
they are light and fashionable
so light that I can not feel them on my face

these glasses are another great product by Serfas
I have mini-pumps by Serfas that work better than the worst case scenario life saver
(in races I use both my Serfas hand pump and have a Serfas C02 kit)
there are also floor pumps
there are gloves and blinking lights
my collection of gear involves many products decorated with the Serfas Logo!

you may not know the name Serfas
but next time you are in your Local Bike Shop and are grabbing some accessories
be confident that the product with the Serfas name on it is a quality product
buy the Serfas products... you will not be let down

serfas opticals


Icon O. Classt said...

Serfa Optics...a fine sponsor of SSOFT!

Marc said...

hey, a variation of biopace rings- Q rings are back. ryan trebon was using them last year as does the world champion CX and TT woman- one different is that they put the wider part where biopace put the narrower part...

Rob said...

Is CB or any other local retailer carrying the Serfas glasses?

gwadzilla said...

I am headed there tonight

I will check their stock at the Chevy Chase store

but it looks like something that they stock