Speedy's Hot Sauce

about to climb into bed
been a blogging fool tonight
as if you could not tell
some nights I am just a fool
tonight is one of those nights

drank a few beers and had a late night snack in front of the tube
all while playing with the laptop
the beers called for the snack
the snack called for speedy's
and the speedy's and snack called for more beer
now I am ignoring the call for more speedy's and snack
while listening to the call of my bed

no... I am not smart

yes... I should have gone to bed hours ago
yes... I am exhausted
but after the kids finally go to be... I want some time to call my own

Speedy's Hot Sauce @ myspace

good hot sauce
it may be getting a new label

no! not losing the cool day of the dead feel
the new label will be a UPC code and FDA sort of list of ingredients

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2drunk2shift said...

Damn, I wish I had gone to Big Bear. I was wanting to do the hoo ha, but the wife wanted to go camping and relax as appose to racing. Got seven hours of riding in in three days so I guess I can't complain. Still waiting on the labels. Damn, people suk sometimes. Thanks 4 the promo. U and icono look awesome in your shirts.