getting ready for BIG BEAR... taking a blog break

took the kids to school and walked the dog
getting out the door was a challenge
grant was being difficult
sometimes getting a small child for school dress is like getting your wife dress for a night on the town
shorts were too small
the socks were the wrong socks
and we could not find the shirt he was looking for
we made it out the door and got to school on time
but not without getting my heart rate up and having to raise my voice
parenting is frustrating... raising the voice happens

dean gave me a high five as he ran off to class
grant gave me that hug that had the emotion that he did not want me to leave
I soaked it all in
both boys are excited about this weekend

getting ready for the 24 Hours of Big Bear...

taking a blog break
last night I took a trip down to the City Bikes Chevy Chase store to borrow the Specialized Test Bike
JJ took a fast glance at the condition of the machine before I rolled it out the door
we talked about the approaching race weekend... JJ will be racing at Big Bear as well

the passing of the torch
several hands touched the Specialized Test Bike before it left the shop
I stocked the fridge with a 12 pack of Yinling to grease the machine
a bottle of Jim Beam was also donated to the cause
it is good to take care of those that take care of you
the bottle of bourbon was intercepted at the front register and did not make it to the back of the store

dave... just dave
not working on the Specialized Test Bike
working on a bike in for repair

trying to focus on all that I will need
how much will fit in the car leaving enough room for my brother and his gear
I am packing for more than just me... brining an additional tent, mattress, and sleeping bags for the family
and bikes... not only am I bringing two bikes for myself... I need to bring two bikes for the boys
Dean and Grant are stoked for the 24 Minutes of Big Bear
Dean is already to be their to support his younger brother in his first race without training wheels

stuff is packed and ready to be loaded into the car
packed more stuff that Lewis and Clark packed to cross the country
packed more stuff than was brought on the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria combined
but... that is how we roll in the modern age
we are an age of excess
take a look at John Lennon's Imagine video
if that is minimalism I want to upgrade to the status of minimalist

breaking from packing to catch my breath, sip some more coffee, check some emails, and blog

listening to various songs by Fiona Apple
I dig her tortured twisted ways

mental check....
bikes, clothing, double check helmet and shoes... some food and more food to be purchased on the road
need to grab my old mini grill that has been downgraded to the alley party grill
need to finish this coffee
then get back to the tasks

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