there is not time for all that I wish to do..

there is not time to do all that I wish to do
there are thoughts in my head that I wish to turn into words on the screen
there just is not time
it is hard to be a blogger who takes pictures and throws down words
something has to give
as all this happens after I am a husband, a father, a dog owner, an employee, a cyclist...

here are some gwadzilla archives that may entertain

old gwadzilla archive... my digital camera gets stolen

old gwadzilla acrhive... my toyota landcruiser... dc's first ZIP CAR

old gwadzilla archive... keystone cops

all worth a read!
lisa's stolen bike was a saga that I wanted to convert into a comic book

and one more

gwadzilla archive... Robin Hood becomes Boyz in da Hood!

and Peru... I wanted to find a story on a taxi stopping short in front of me on K while I was in my Toyota Landcruiser some years back... but I do not even have the time for that

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