this guy learned five things from BIKE TO WORK DAY

this guy learned five things from Bike to Work Day

I learned one thing from reading this article...
Ace Burpee is a loser!

5. I've determined the two worlds will never peacefully co-exist, so let's not force it.

good thing Ace determined this
also... good thing Ace was not on the US Supreme Court when the topic of racial segregation came to surface

4. Jumping into being a semi full-time cyclist

I can not refute this one... as I do not know what it means
I think he is saying he is GAY-STRAIGHT and not Bi
if he were my employer I would try to get full time pay and full time benefits for a part time job
I guess things are different in Canada
in the States All or Nothing means All or Nothing... not All or Nothing and maybe some of this and some of that
not knowing what a cankerworm I is I just imagined a Tequilia Worm

3. what about the people that can ride their bike while chatting on their phone?

well... let me make this one simple
if a cyclist runs into a crowd of people on the sidewalk because they were too focused on the phone call to brake it turns out to be a little more than a jogger bumping into a crowd of people on the sidewalk
now... if a car driver does the same thing

2. People smoking while cycling are still amusing.

I can not believe that you learned this from bike to work day
Smoking is idiotic no matter what you are doing
but this has little to do with cyclists as a whole or bike to work day

smoking cyclists are a minority

1. I do know I've never seen anyone "pulled over" for cycling on a sidewalk, but should it happen, I'd happily take the ticket

well... it should not be about the law
common sense and common courtesy
we should do things or not do things on the basis of what is right and what is wrong

the threat of a ticket should not be the governing factor of our behavior

riding on the sidewalk is for children, old people, and the final block approaching your destination

I am not positive
but I think Ace has a BLOG


Icon O. Classt said...

semi full-time cyclist = part-time cyclist = "I think I'll just drive today"

Don't let this guy work ya up, old man. ;)

gwadzilla said...

he does not work me up...

it is the guy editing is copy
and the guy signing/cutting his check