WABA Calls for Dialog Over New Trail Speed Limits

WABA Calls for Dialog Over New Trail Speed Limits


Marc said...

fundamentally, it needs to be decided what the best use of that facility is. should it be protected as a uniquely valuable bike transportation route, or must it revert to the lowest common denominator of people bumbling around.

if it were for commuters on weekdays and slower on weekends, I think that would be reasonable.

it's not enough to say we support bikes as transportation- as a society we have to actively make it more feasible.

there are walking paths immediately adjacent to the CCT thru most of the bethesda section- so there are outlets if you don't like being around the cyclists.

and that Post article- mocking the cyclists as spandex dorks and lance wanna-bes. no mention of all the benefits.


Icon O. Classt said...

Bring on the trail nazis...yay!!! Down with freedom...yay! Police everything...yay! Save us from ourselves...yay! Watch me every second of the day...yay!

Oh great Panopticon, I bow under your ubiquitous gaze!

W's impending legacy is already alive and well...