waking up... not sure what is happening today

waking up....
not sure what is happening today

it is saturday
dean is going to the Air and Space Museum with some friends from school
I have to handle the pick up shuttle bus
until then I am hanging with Grant
Grant has requested the trail-a-bike
which he calls the trailer bike

listening to License to Ill
the boys dig the Beastie Boys
they dance through the room
they are dressed

I am sipping my coffee

got an email from Jeff Peel of the league this morning
he was one of the many cycling minds that migrated to Utah for the IMBA Bike Summit
IMBA Bike Summit Video

sounded like it was an Epic on and off the bike

some time has passed since this post was started
Dean has been picked up for his trip to the museums
Grant and I just got back from hiking the Melvin Hazen with our black dog brutus

fueling up with some more coffee
grant is calling out for a trail-a-bike ride
there was also mention of McDonalds

but in our discussion grant was pretty clear beyond transparent in that he wanted a happy meal for the toy
SUPERSIZE me hit it right on
the discussion moved to Chipolte... ironically owned by the same corporation

but better food

trying to plot a mental course
nothing comes to mind for an easy car free route to Chipolte
maybe the Dupont location
but that would be all cross town traffic

maybe this coffee will aid in my brain assisting in plotting the next move
right now my brain is on holiday

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Rocky6 said...

Woodley Park Chipotle--Corner of Calvert and Conn. Ave. Use the bridge and you don't need to climb out of the park. My guess is 10 minutes from your house.