went for a little bike ride today

went for a little bike ride today

would hate to see what the owner of this chair leaves behind in the toilet

went for a ride after work today
got out a few minutes early and petitioned cargo mike to do the same
had my eyes on Cabin John
thought we could take the canal out and then river road back
figured on 35 minutes on each end and an hour of dirt in the middle

as we all know...
sometimes things do not go as planned

some urban shortcuts got me a tad distracted on our trajectory
we noodled around on some urban singletrack then were headed north on the Capital Crescent Trail
the Capital Crescent Trail?
we were supposed to be heading west on the tow path alongside the C&O Canal!

oh well...
we went ahead and stayed the deviated course as the intended course would not have allowed for me to make it home at the intended time

some more urban singletrack...

like superman racing the train we dodged traffic and looked for some dirt
the morning had started with a pass through Malcolm X Park and the stairs
the day ended with some similar urban efforts

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