classic bicycle films....

the SF GATE has a list of classic bicycle films...

I scanned the list
more focused on other things

their list may contain
You Me and Dupree
but more than likely does not include 24 Solo or Off Road to Athens
my guess.... they have never heard of Klunkerz... which is a shame

I guess there are still subcultures and there still is an underground

I may try to compile a list
I am certain I have tried
an easy effort would be to glance at my DVD collection

off the top of my head...
A Sunday in Hell/Le Course en Tete/Breaking Away/The Bicycle Thief/
slipping... slipping... slipping... I am certain that I can get ten off the top of my head/Triplets of Belleville/
I own a number of cycling theme movies... but that is not the list I am trying to create
trying to compile a list of the top ten cycling theme movies ever

I glanced at the list on SF Gate again...
breaking away was on the list was and so was the bicycle thief
the author has never seen the bicycle thief yet he/she gave it an 8 out of ten
I own pee wees big adventure and et
pee wees big adventure may go on my list

this list is titled classic bicycle moments in film
which has me creating a list of top ten cycling theme movies of all time
two slightly different lists

this writer must still be fairly young
there is no Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid... that involved a hot chic and a fixie
I think that maybe this person should research the topic a little further
watch a few more movies
then write another article
it would make for a cool sequel!
and they would have something to approach their editor with

(here is a good resource for a crib sheet!)

Klunkerz is a fantastic film
not sure if it makes my top ten cycling films of all time
it may be one of my top ten cycling documentaries of all time
just not sure it qualifies for my cycling top ten

some would lean to Quicksilver... but I never really gave it a chance so I will not rate it
and it has been years for American Flyers... it is MUST SEE CYCLING CLASSIC... but maybe not A TOP TEN CYCLING THEME FILM

funny... YOU ME AND DUPREE does not qualify as one of the TOP TEN CYCLING FILMS of ALL TIME
but... it does contain perhaps one of the most classic cycling moments of in film
it is YOU ME AND DUPREE that gave me the respect I have for Lance today

the bridge

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