Death this morning on the DC streets

Woman Struck, Killed By Trash Truck In D.C.

Victim Had Been Riding Bike





Marc said...

that's very sad.

and very scary to see all the anti-bike hate that is getting spewed on the Wash Post comments section...


gwadzilla said...

I can picture it oh too easily...

somewhere in another part of the country a woman shakes uncontrollably as her husband tries to stay strong and say the right things

his words do nothing to ease the pain
nothing eases the pain
this was their daughter
now she is dead
not alive to age another day
someone who was supposed to grow up to be... well... who knows?
she was 22
her life was just starting

but instead she is dead
unable to grow and develop into the person that her parents had dreamed she would have become

the car culture is so insensitive
I dread reading the rants on the Post page

the statements that "she deserved it" because she was on the bike

how it would have never happened if she were in an Escalade or a Hummer H2

my heart goes out to all her friends and family
to all that ever loved her
and to those that were set to be part of a future that never happened

may she rest in peace

may her family one day come to peace with her death

may an accident/incident like this never touch me or anyone that is close to me

John Curran said...

I worked with Alice Swanson's younger sister for two years as a lifeguard at a state park in Massachusetts.
Now I live in Chevy Chase, D.C. and bike downtown everyday. The news Alice's death strikes too close to home. I cannot begin to imagine the pain of her family's loss.
My thoughts and prayers are with them.

I put a dozen yellow roses on the corner of 20th & R Streets this evening, alongside six or seven other bouquets. I stayed there an hour. Three others came by and left flowers. I encourage everyone to do the same.

That's a start.
We need to start thinking a proper memorial, though. Somebody at DCist suggested a ghost bike. I'm all for that. Also, a memorial ride.

Something also needs to be done about that damn intersection. I have had at least two close calls there myself. It's dangerous.
What can we do?

Annie Boyd said...
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gwadzilla said...


the ghost bike and a memorial are in the developing stages

I will post this information when I know more

I never knew Alice
I will never get to know Alice

it is truly sad


gwadzilla said...

annie boyd is a psycho path

Icon O. Classt said...

Way to blame the victim, Annie, especially when no information suggests she was at fault. Your claim that this wouldn't have happened if Ms. Swanson had been walking her bike is specious at best. Your lack of compassion is only surpassed by your lack of intelligence.

You're a real piece of warm humanity--I guess Karma already figured that out.

Marc said...

annie- once again you prove you are not only vile but ignorant. why don't you read up on the bike laws before you spout off your opinions about them.

it's all out there in the internets...

and the notion that cars always obey traffic laws doesn't even rise to the level of laughable.

Annie Boyd said...

the notion that cars always obey traffic laws doesn't even rise to the level of laughable.
At least they are pulled over by cops and ticketed when caught. I'm not saying cars dont break laws.

I owe people, and Alice, an apology. I was going off of the information I heard when it had all first come out. I hadnt looked at the WashPo article until after I had posted. No, this was, most probably, not her fault.

The rest of you, however, need to take notice. She died unecessarily. It was tragic. But beware, police and others will be taking more care to pay attention to the vast amount of laws broken by folks on bikes who just dont care and who have a air of superiority. You are not better than someone with 2 tons of metal.

gwadzilla said...

police do ticket bicyclists...

but it is not priority one

in my youth my car driver's license was suspended due to an inordinate amount of tickets I received as on my bicycle

there is a difference

a bicycle runs a red light or a bicycle speeds
if they crash into a pedestrian or a car
the outcome is different than if a car driver does the same thing

something that car drivers need to understand...

in a standard accident
the speed is what causes the severity of the accident

collision at 25 MPH is far less than an collision at 35 or 45 MPH

a bicycle may contribute to an accident
the speeding car causes the severity
which means...
if there is a fatality
it is caused by the speed of the car more than anything

Annie Boyd said...

A car is built to protect, more so nowadays than before. With a bike you have the padding you add yourself, and there are plenty I see without helmets.

Yes, physics dictates that mostly, its the speed involved in the crash. Speeds in excess of 40 tend to make the carnage that much more nasty, but you have to understand. If a car is swerving because you ran a red light, the carnage is going to be bad.

With this last tragedy, the police will be on the lookout. For about a week or longer. But they will be looking out.

Marc said...


reports I've seen state that the victim was crossing at a crosswalk.
she was a nervous cyclist, and if these reports are true, then likely she was riding on the sidewalk out of a false sense of security. while cyclists have a legal right to ride on most sidewalks, it's usually a bad choice.

as I tried to explain to you after your Macarthur Blvd rant is that the high risk of collisions from the side are a major reason cyclists ride on the road instead of dangerous sidepaths and sidewalks with crossing traffic.

yet you complain no matter why cyclists do, and regardless of their legal rights, and you blame cyclists collectively rather than as individuals. while it might seem that all cyclists are cut from the same cloth, they are no more of the same type than all drivers are the same - the soccer mom, the reckless scofflaw , the weaving drunk, the professional driver, the little old lady creeping to church, etc

Rocky6 said...

What did she say this time? I missed it before Gwadzilla evidently pulled it.

No words yet on the matter on her angry blog: http://queerbubbles.vox.com/

Sad to feel the anger coming nonstop from Ms. Boyd on so many issues, not just cyclists.

Yet she is not alone, judging from the WP comment page. I give Ms. Boyd credit, though, for not hiding in Internet anonymity. She freely identifies herself, her employer, her residence, etc., opening herself to a level of accountability few choose to accept. Including me!

Marc said...

annie said (I paraphrase) that if the girl had been driving she would have been obeying the law, and not dead- implying both that the girl was breaking the law and that drivers always obey the law.

annie- what's your point? you complain when cyclists break the law, but you also complain when cyclists exercise their legal rights to ride on the road- you even harass them and admit to having a homicidal urge to run them over. you insist bikes should be off the road. and yet you also blame a victim of an accident for using her bike in an apparently legal fashion- either in the bike lane or on a sidewalk, depending on reports. basically, no matter what cyclists do you are going to gripe.

Roald said...

Excerpt from the post:

With rising gas prices, he said he expects to see more cyclists and pedestrians in the streets.

"It's imperative that drivers are cognizant of this and that we all share the road," Burke said.

My thoughts;
Will this actually happen? I hope so.

Annie Boyd said...

Marc... who keeps spamming my inbox, I direct you to up comment:
"I owe people, and Alice, an apology. I was going off of the information I heard when it had all first come out. I hadnt looked at the WashPo article until after I had posted. No, this was, most probably, not her fault.

So, quit being a douche.

Why the hell would I blog about this on my blog? Does it affect me, personally? No? Then why would I include it? Its sad, but I'm not going to repeat what everyone else has already stated.

Oh, and where do I say who I am currently working for? I say who I will be working for, but not who I am working for now.

Annie Boyd said...

Dont mean to spam the comments, apologies, but... residence? You mean me saying I live in Fairfax? Do you realize how many folks live in Fairfax!? We all of us probably live within a 20 mile radius of eachother... I dont see a problem with it.

Marc said...

one comment is 'spam'?? ohh, and an email a few weeks ago? get a grip- you're the one who keeps coming back to stir up trouble- obviously you love any attention you can get.

you know this is a site of interest primarily for cyclists and you use the occasion of an innocent girl's death to remind us of your bitterness. this would be pathetic even if the girl had been at fault.

Icon O. Classt said...

Considering Ms. Boyd's anger-management problem, insensitivity, bitterness, and terminal ignorance, I strongly urge cyclists riding on MacArthur Boulevard and anywhere in Fairfax to keep on eye out for a new model year Hyundai Elantra in "apple red pearl."

Looks exactly like this.

She's clearly the type to hit and run, so if you're hit by such a vehicle, it shouldn't be hard to track her down.

Just a friendly PSA...

craig said...

I have been riding a bicycle in the district for 20-years, every day to and from work and on the weekends throughout the entire year, rain or snow, hot or cold, day and night and I have NEVER NEVER NEVER seen a bicyclist ticketed for any transgression against the law - and I have seen many transgressions. The police and the elected officials in this city have allowed a complete aire of lawlessness to develop. Pedestrians hardly ever wait for lights to change, bicycles fly dangerously all over the place and vehicle drivers seem to think there are no laws that need obeying. Every death is tragic and most are preventable and almost all are the fault of the citizenry who have collectively decided that there selfish needs outweigh public safety and the officials who charged with defending that safety.

Annie Boyd said...

Icon... you'd better watch it. If I find out your real name and location I will file suit for libel.

Rocky6 said...

Libel?? Sheesh, grow up little one. Learn to control your volatile emotions.

Dad's HR experience at the State Department could help advise on managing anger. Calling him at 663-2375 ought to get you close.

As part of your earlier apology, perhaps you could visit Alice Swanson's ghost bike and pay your respects.

Libel, by the way, is the knowing publishing of a defamatory fact. Icono's going sleep well at night.

Icon O. Classt said...

Hahahahah....turn off the television and study a little tort law.

Any insulting comment or statement that doesn't actually harm a person's reputation is prima facie not libelous. Has your rep been harmed, Annie? How so? Be ready to prove it, baby.

Then there's the subject of "opinion" (clearly applicable here), which most jurisdictions consider to be incapable of falsification, and thus not actionable.

So clueless...now, please don't suffer any displaced anger issues on your drive home.

Annie Boyd said...

Think you're tough shit? Back that up with your phone number, name and address.

Saying im going to hit and run is defamatory. And Rocky? Know so much? He's retired.

Annie Boyd said...

Once again I grow weary of you people. Icon, if you have any balls whatsoever, you wont hide behind a stupid screen name. You know where you can find me. Obviously.

As for the rest of you, when did this become about my family? I thought we were in memoriam of that poor girl. You take offense when I say you should learn from this tragedy and not be shitheads. I'm not the only one who has said this in this same thread.

All of you, shoo.

Icon O. Classt said...

Lady, you really need to step back and get some perspective. Apparently, life has dealt you a series of terrible blows. But lashing out with displaced aggression whenever a little frustration hits you is no way to get over it. Do you truly harbor bitterness toward cyclists, or are they merely a random outlet for your pent-up frustration over the problems in your life, past and present? It's a rhetorical question--meant only to suggest a little introspection.

That last part of your comment...how are we to learn from this tragedy? From all accounts, the victim in this tragedy was just that--a victim. As in, through no fault of her own. What did she do wrong that we should learn not to do?

Like I said above, you seem to suffer from terminal ignorance that appears to be willful in nature...so sad.

Oh, and I try not to share my personal details with people who exhibit mental instability. It's best for both of us...trust me. I'm sure you understand. It's a much easier concept than "defamation", which you seem to be grappling with.

This is my last post in response to your drivel. You stay happy in that Hyundai Elantra (your "dream" car...sad, what passes for dreams these days), sitting in traffic hours each day, growing fat(ter), frustrated, bitter, hateful, ruining your health along with the environment...we'll keep right on riding by you, smiling, happy, healthy, lean, and strong.