how rational is the utilitarian bicycle?


how rational is the utilitarian bicycle?

with soring gas prices there is a mad rush to move from the car to the bicycle
but how rational is the utilitarian bicycle?

the short trips in the neighborhood; to the park with the kids, to the neighborhood library, to the neighborhood pool... but what about the grocery store?

how much can a bicycle carry?

does everyone need to buy another bicycle?
or can they just use the bicycle that they already have?

maybe the solution is being more responsible with the car

doing fewer shopping trips
coming home with more groceries
instead of shopping for the day


it always boggles my mind that people go to Walmart for a few things
rather than showing up with a list and getting what they need for the week
the notion of driving across town, finding a space, shopping, waiting in line, then driving home... well that is precious time lost

the bikes by christiana and the extra-cycle are super cool!
but how rational are these as shopping options?
as cool as the extra cycle may be
it converts the bicycle into something different
which means that you need to accept the permanent transition into the long wheel base bike

the bob trailer may be a more rational purchase
but honestly... we could more than likely do just fine with a box store version of the burley trailer

my kids have outgrown the burley trailer
they are onto their own bikes or the trail-a-bike (www.trail-a-bike.com)
the recently retired burley trailer could more than likely suit my around the corner shopping needs

at target


Patrick Polischuk said...

I ride an xtracycle. While it does change the bike more or less permanently, it rides just like a normal bike. I use it for all sorts of shopping and can fit some pretty extraordinary loads in/on it. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as an only bike due to its weight, but it's really not much different in terms of rideability.

Family Bike Shop said...

Use my Burley for getting groceries all the time. Usually can get $150-200 worth into the thing. Add the side panniers and I can carry a case of beer and some wine also. No car needed.

SiouxGeonz said...

Let's just abandon that assumption that the short bicycle is the normal one that the Xtracycle renders "different." Then maybe we can nudge that assumption about Cars Being THe Way To Live :)