I do not want to get my heart rate up

I do not want to get my heart rate up...
I already had my heart rate up
and well... my heart rate is still up
I like to get my heart rate up
but I do not want to get my heart rate up over this
especially now... it is bedtime now

this happens sometimes

raced at wakefield tonight
will expand on this later
like I said... I raced at wakefield tonight
to race at wakefield I needed to fuel up
racing or riding hard after work can be improved by waking up the mind and the body
part of the fueling up process the afternoon involved green tea
that was just as I rolled out of work
as I drove out I ate a banana, drank lots of water, and then some other stuff I can not recall
all on top of a carbo load of pad thai noodle from mai wah at lunch
there was some free Honest Tea... a selection with caffeine for the start
and maybe the gel I ate had some caffeine in it as well... not sure... it all happens so fast

so my heart rate is already up
ramped up for the ride
ramped up from the ride
it is past my bedtime... and I am not ready to go to bed
although I may have tried to leave it on the trail
I did not quite leave it all on the trail

lots of caffeine and a propensity to excitability has me up a tad past my bedtime

here is a conversation on the topic of The Speed Limit on the Capital Crescent Trail
the discussion should not be about speed limit signs or no speed limit signs
the conversation should be about behavior
behavior and misbehavior
there is a big misunderstanding
it is about appropriate behavior

there are speed limit signs on the road
the presence of those SPEED RECOMMENDATION signs do little about behavior
there needs to be an conversation about behavior and misbehavior as well
there is clearly a big misunderstanding there as well
there needs to be a discussion about appropriate behavior

it is good the conversations are being opened
I will have to read through this tomorrow when I find a chance

some conversations are started with a definition
this definition points out the weakness of the wiki page
the weakness of the wiki page... it is only as credible as the wiki page

the wiki page on SPEED LIMIT
A road speed limit is the maximum speed as allowed by law for road vehicles"
false on the first line



Judd Wiley said...

We wrote a fairly controversial post a few weeks ago that you might also be interested in:


Two of us ride bikes to work occasionally, and all of us are casual cyclists.

We're big fans of turning bikes into "legitimate vehicles" in the eyes of non-cyclists, and we think the way to do this would be to issue licenses, do bike registration, mandate insurance, and nail down specific and enforceable safety regs (like other vehicles).

Would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Rob said...

No suprise your a bit wound up man, awesome job on the race, I got to see you do a few laps of the clyde class, and you were flying man!

Great job on the lettuce girls links, thats hillarious!

gwadzilla said...

I will have to revisit this stuff
my simple argument would be to CONTROL CAR CHAOS
then the anarchists will also fall into line behind the cars

I obey the law on my bicycle in between moments where I disobey the law on my bicycle

cars treat me with the same disregard no matter what

I am not given what I deserve so I take what I have to take

there are all of these restrictions on cars
but yet the cars are not any closer to civil behavior

more signs
more laws
more regulations and taxation
that will not create order

better people thinking logically will get us there
people who respect others
people who behave civilly displaying the basic courtesy and the lowest level of common sense
these are the things we need to improve our things
improve things on and off the bike
improve things in and around the cars