listening to the who... watching a cool old video

listening to the who
watching a cool old video
going back and forth between watching and blogging
song end on YOUTUBE and I go to another youtubetangent

I Can't Explain

these guys did not grow up with MTV

that video was shot on film
because there was not such thing as digital

I want to do the math on how old Roger Daultry was when IT'S HARD came out
cause I was a kid and I thought they were a bunch of old me
watching them in that black and white video
well... at that point in history they were some bad ass kids
the who rocked!
I put them aside and moved onto other things by the time I in 10th grade
but the three years of buying records before that earned me over thirty records by the who
a number of which are solo albums
of which only pete townsends were listenable
butt... Keith Moon's The Two Sides of the Moon was considered collectible then
I wonder what it is worth now?

which means that he was roughly my age
and when I thought he was too old to rock

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