miss yasmin

miss yasmin
one of the highlights of the Thievery show at Merriweather a few weekends back

miss yasmin @ myspace

I wonder about belly dancing
I should WIKI it
what are the origins... was it done for an all male audience?
there is definitely something to it

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Rob said...

Careful, its only slightly more expensive as a hobby than mountain biking.

My wife's been doing it for like 5 years. I've seen tons of it and some is cool, some leaves you going Hu? and some is just awesome. There are tons of styles based on which region it came out of (Egyptian, Gypsy, Moroccan, etc) and then each place can have a ton of main styles. Then america has probably 4-5 well known hybrid styles.

A couple restuarants here in DC have dancers in regularly but quality can very, they tend to focus a bit too much on nice costumes vs quality style.

Ever been to see any burlesque like at DC Gurly Show or down at the palace of wonders?