my son dean loves this trophy... I like the story

my son dean loves this trophy...
I like the story

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the trophy is big
there were these really cool small trophies there
I got this really really really big trophy

it was a cool gathering
Jeremiah Bishop and Chris Eatough both spoke
I am almost positive that Fatmarc was dressed as an elvis impersonator
not impersonating elvis... but impersonating and impersonator
because I do not think that Elvis wore white clogs


gwadzilla said...

it was at this event where I first met Marc Vetori
this meeting was a tad prior to his electronic identity
which gave me the opportunity to become acquainted with marc on a friendly basis and get to monitor his life electronically once his blog was born


it is an interesting culture these cyclists

I enjoy how the internet makes some of these lives more public

gwadzilla said...

it was Marc who awarded me the award
an award that was named after his good friend Andrew Mein
a brother on the bike
a person who died on the bike