no photos at WAW#4 by me...

no photos at Wednesday at Wakefield #4 (WAW4) by me...

it is an interesting thing this love of the camera
the pleasure is bitter sweet
it is a joy to capture the shot
while it is also a good feeling to experience something without a camera between me and the action

on Wednesday I brought my seven year old son Dean to the race with me
we watched the races at 5:55 for a bit then we rode the creek trail
both of us on our single speed bicycles
it was fun to yell, scream, clap, and cheer without a camera in my hand
it was fun to focus on the moment
instead of auto focusing on the moment

anthony baris has some shots

and nothing by gary ryan... shish!
anyone else take some shots out there?

that shot snagged from sigsegv is a few years old
that beard is hilarious!
all those shots are hilarious!

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